The Time is Now

The Time is Now! October 27, 2019 John 1:40-42 In 1990, following a televised Monday-night game, eight players from the San Francisco 49er’s and eight from the New York Giants knelt together at midfield to pray.  The practice was criticized by Sports Illustrated magazine and NFL officials indicated they might stop it – which they didn’t.  The practice continues today. We don’t know if this was a spontaneous prayer, or if they did a cost-benefit analysis before deciding to pray.  Regardless, these men made a conscious decision to publically demonstrate their faith. Praise the Lord that we live in a country where we remain free to express our faith in public!  This morning we’ll turn to the gospel of John and learn about Jesus’ “first disciple.”  Before he began to follow Jesus he was a disciple of John the Baptist.  He and his more famous brother, Peter, made a living as fishermen. When his mentor, John, pointed to Jesus as the “Lamb of God, “ he believed him and immediately followed Jesus and spent the better part of the afternoon listening to him (John 4:18-19).  Afterwards, he went home and told his brother, “We have found the Messiah!”  Have you figured out who “he” is?  You’re right… it’s Andrew! We don’t have any record of Andrew preaching a sermon (though he certainly might have).  We don’t have any report of him leading crowds of people to make decisions for Christ.  But wherever Andrew went, he brought other people to Jesus. He may not have said a lot, but he knew how to point.  Whom in your sphere of influence are you pointing to Christ? People may or may not believe your words, but they will respond to the person of Jesus.  If you truly believe you have found the Messiah, as Andrew did, then whom do you know who could benefit from a personal encounter with Jesus Christ?  Who’s the one you’re going to introduce to Jesus? Your brother and friend, Pastor Bruce